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Factific parses trough the clutter of modern media and selects top articles based on social interaction.
Ok, but what else does it do? You got us! Truth is, Factific also makes you money if you have a Facebook Page.
How can I use Factific?

First case: run a 24/7 news service

Do you have a thousand likes Facebook Page? As you probably have noticed, it is now worth next to nothing because Facebook changed the news feed algorithm and your reach is down to 3% or less. So are your website hits and so is your income. Most likely you got back to earning a good old fashion monthly income working for the man.

But wait, even now, your Facebook Page can still make you money! Use Factific to automatically post the hottest news every day to your followers and earn money when they visit the site.

Second case: Earn while you sleep

Obviosly you can't post 24 hours a day, but you live in New York and you have followers in Sydney, Australia. They probably won't see any post you make during your wake hours as they are asleep so they are worth nothing to you.

Factific automatically selects and post the latest articles from trusted news sources to your neglected followers while you are asleep.

Third: get more free time from Facebook

Flexible post scheduling. Post the latest news while on vacation in the South of France or over the Thanksgiving Weekend. Whenever you don't feel like working, Factific works for you. Simply put, the options are limitless.
How does Factific work?
1Factific automatically posts the best news stories on your Facebook Page.
2Your followers click on the news to read it.
3Readers land on the Factific website where you can set up your ad code next to the article.
4You get paid by the advertising company you use (Adsense, etc.)
P.S. You also get more likes on your page - the like button on Factific changes to reflect your Facebook Page.
How do I get an advertising code?
You need to register with one or more advertising providers - Adsense, Chitka, Infolinks, etc. They will provide you with the necessary code and issue payments.
Where can I see Factific running?
Here are some huge Facebook Pages Factific runs on:
YouSign.org - World News (English)
Retete Culinare Online - Cooking recepies (Romanian)
Bucatarul Sef - Cooking recepies (Romanian)
What news sources does Factific use?
We use data from Facebook and Twitter, the bigggest social networks to analyse the best news articles provided by:
Over 1200 people choose Factific, running on 1500 pages!

Go ahead, give it a try!